The Vicars and Nuns of the Order of St Radegund celebrate victory at the Beer Tree (complete with the ancient relic - the Drawers of St Radegund) The Drawers of St Radegund are paraded down the length of the Cam Thirsty rowers gather around the Tree Discussing *exactly* what went wrong with the boat!
Abandon ship!! - Mutineers keen to get to the Tree before the beer runs out A busy moment at the Tree! Fourth division Men make an early start on the beer Crowds!
More crowds! Turning heads! Beer! She'll never get beer at that speed!
Wet, but pretty! The St. Radegund ladies get a last night bump going into Grassy corner, what a hat! Our friends, the Outspoken cycle couriers, got all aquatic this year - maybe they'll be delivering by boat next! The Beer Tree salutes you...

Sponsors of the Beer Tree in 2019